Kindergarten materials are among our most preferred product groups. Classes, which represent the most important part of a pre-school education institution, are the first step environments that will improve the social and individual development of our children, who are our future, in line with educational purposes. The ambiance and quality of the classrooms directly affect the subconscious of the children, and the color choices used in the design phase are extremely important. The list of materials that should be in a good kindergarten is given below. Yelken pre-school education equipments are happy to serve you, our valued customers, with the experience and self-confidence from the past. Click to browse our references.

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What are the materials needed in the kindergarten?

Before listing the required materials among the kindergarten materials, there are some details that must be qualified. The durability of the materials you will choose is the most important factor in product selection. In addition, it is one of the most important elements that the products you will purchase do not contain the risk of accident. You can increase the harmony in the classroom to the highest point by choosing products whose corners are not left sharp, and uncomfortable. Yelken preschool education tools will cover areas where necessary. 

What are the features that kindergarten toys should have?

  • It should provide convenience and comfort to the implementation of the activities,
  • Allow individual and group activities,
  • It should not include the possibility of an accident,
  • It should be aesthetic.
  • Heating, lighting, ventilation and cleaning should be in accordance with sanitary conditions.

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Kindergarten material list

The kindergarten material list is listed in general terms and will vary according to the products you choose and the activities you will do. Quality Kindergarten toys produced by our company   are designed in such a way that our children can use them in many activities at the same time.

  • Writing board
  • Seat
  • Optional pouf - cushion
  • Bookshelf
  • Table
  • Cupboard
  • teacher desk and chair
  • Projection
  • eva coating
  • educational toys
  • wall games
  • wall toys
  • campsite
  • sleep sets

The list given above has been discussed in general terms and can be increased or decreased as desired. Click here to view our Preschool Kindergarten supplies catalogues. Yelken catalog

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