Kindergarten Sleeping Room  is one of the most important rooms that should be. The design of the rooms used by children studying in kindergarten to meet their sleep needs during the day is just as important. Children in pre-school education institutions are usually put to sleep in their sleeping rooms at noon. As Yelken pre-school education tools, we stand by our valuable customers at all stages of the kindergarten establishment. 

The most needed room in institutions serving kindergarten is undoubtedly the Sleeping Room we can supply you with Kindergarten Sleeping room materials for your sleeping rooms that you will set up in-house. 

How to Design Sleeping Rooms

Quality sleep environments designed for growing children ensure that children fall asleep comfortably and are not distracted. The factors to be considered for quality sleep are listed below.

  • Sleeping Room Color Selection

Generally, blue, yellow, pink and green colors send children subconscious signals to relax and fall asleep. Room colors should be chosen from completely pale colored items, not bright colors. Strong and conspicuous items can keep children awake.

  • Sleeping Room Material Layout

A simple and unobtrusive layout will make the work of teachers extremely easy when placing materials. The complex structure to be set up in the room will make it difficult for children to go to sleep and will make it difficult for teachers.

Sleeping Room Materials

Sleeping room materials are the most important element for the sleeping room. The fact that all products designed for sleeping in this room are orthopedic will facilitate the process of falling asleep comfortably. Generally, campsite is used in the room. There are several types of camping.

Kapmet is generally preferred for sleeping in kindergarten sleeping rooms. It is made with different materials in itself, as plastic campsites and wooden campets. The lowest price is the plastic campet without sponge and the highest price is the wooden camper. Wooden campsites are made of chipboard, mdf and solid wood. You can choose the one that fits your budget. We recommend that you make a closet outside of the camp in the sleeping room. In this closet, you will need to keep the materials that the children bring for sleep. As an extra, you can use figures to make the sleeping room fun. You can contact us to place an order specifically for the institution.

You can buy the figures you can use in the sleeping room online via the links below.

Sleeping Room Figures

If you are looking for products and support about pre-school education tools, you can apply to our company. We supply and install all detailed products about preschool education tools within our company. For detailed information, you can contact Yelken Preschool Education Tools. You can find some images of the Kindergarten sleeping rooms that we have recently established below.