Kindergarten Dining Hall Materials

The choice of kindergarten dining hall materials is a very important choice. The choices you make will change the general image of your company, and the sterile environment you will provide is the most important factor for children to eat comfortably. You can easily obtain kindergarten cafeteria products from our company. Finally, you can solve the problems that occur during the opening of a kindergarten by asking us. We are happy to serve you, our valuable customers, with our past experiences as Yelken preschool education tools.

Kindergarten Material Selection

Before moving on to kindergarten material selection, you need to make a capacity and area assessment. When creating a cafeteria, you should have at least half of your maximum capacity to eat. We provide endless support to our customers in product selection and answer all the questions you may have. You can choose tables and chairs according to the total capacity of the dining hall. First of all, two items may seem like enough. Keeping the functionality in the foreground while carrying out the kindergarten cafeteria project will also facilitate the operation of the kitchen.

For example, when choosing kindergarten dining hall materials, calculate the area to be 0.5 m2 for each child. So if your capacity is 100; There should be 100*0.5= 50 m2 dining hall area. 

According to your preference, you can place figures and functional equipment to cheer up the environment.

Kindergarten Material Selection Criteria

Kindergarten material selection criteria is a very important issue. You can get individual ideas and support for each product you buy from our company.

Kindergarten Dining Hall Table

kindergarten dining hall table should be designed according to the height of the students. a high desk should not be preferred in kindergarten. Likewise, the chair should be the same size as the table, because a high table chair is not suitable for children as they will be short.

Kindergarten Dining Hall Decorations

We bring together our experiences and designs from the past on kindergarten cafeteria decorations with you, our valuable customers. You can shop online from our e-commerce site by clicking the link below.

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Kindergarten Dining Hall Designs

You can take a look at our sample photos below about kindergarten cafeteria materials and designs. In addition, it is possible to browse the products of Yelken preschool educational equipments from the catalog section. 

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