Playground Manufacturing

Playground Manufacturing  is a tricky business. It is extremely important that the products produced are resistant to cold and heat in the open air, while being environmentally friendly. As Yelken pre-school education institutions, we are happy to be at the forefront among the companies that make playgrounds. Kindergarten garden toys and garden playgrounds of other institutions are installed in-house and we bring them together to our valuable customers. 


Manufacture of playgrounds for children

Education is not only limited to schools, but also emerges as an ongoing activity in non-school areas. Among them, playgrounds, positive self-development, cognitive, self-confidence and success of the child, psychological, discovery of talents, ability to control his power, physical etc. crucial to their development. In order to develop these skills, playgrounds are needed to allow children to learn something new. At this point, it is very important to make a correct design, correct application, correct planning and adequate maintenance work in the arrangements of children's playgrounds. Playground Manufacturing All substances used in the process are extremely safe products that can be intertwined with nature. 

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kindergarten garden toys

Kindergarten garden toys are the places where our children spend most of their time during recess and practice lessons. Playgrounds, garden and park toys consist of economical and quality products. All the products we produce are resistant to all kinds of weather conditions and provide maximum efficiency to your institution. If you have a suitable place for the installation of the playground  and you want to get detailed information about this subject, you can contact us.


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If you are looking for products and support about pre-school education tools, you can apply to our company. We supply and install all detailed products about preschool education tools within our company. For detailed information, you can contact Yelken Preschool Education Tools. Finally, some reference images regarding the production and installation of the playground we have installed are given below.