Preschool Activity Room

The preschool activity room  is generally used for play and education. Learning through playing means a lot for children who attend preschool. Yelken preschool education tools continue to bring their past experiences together with you, our valuable customers. You can find our references to the numerous activity room installations we have done in and out of our country, from the images below. 

What is Preschool Activity Room?

The activity room is called the room where pre-school  students get education by playing games. The games performed in this room play an active role in meeting the needs of the child, revealing their emotions, gaining positive behavior and developing creative thinking skills. Children show a healthy physical and cognitive development and socialize with the games they play. Pre-school education environments should support all developmental areas of the child with their arrangement, materials and playgrounds.

Requirements for the Activity Room

The installation of the activity room  requires detailed analysis and determination of the lessons to be given. All of the educational toys that you will be supplied by our company have been developed by experts considering the physical and cognitive development of children. In this room, there must be items that children can do common activities. You can access the toys and materials that should be in the activity room from the lists below.

The list given above is given in general terms, and if you have in mind to establish or develop an activity room, you can contact us. You can use the catalogue links below to browse our wide range of products and place an order.

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If you are looking for products and support about pre-school education tools, you can apply to our company. We supply and install all detailed products about preschool education tools within our company. For detailed information, you can contact Yelken Preschool Education Tools. You can find some images of the activity rooms we have recently established below