Kindergarten Playroom Materials

You can easily access all information about Kindergarten Playroom materials  through our company. Yelken preschool education equipments continue to offer their past experiences to our valuable customers. Preschool education is the most important step in preparing our children for the school process. It is the step of psychological and physical preparation of our children for education during the kindergarten process. 

The most needed room in institutions serving kindergarten is undoubtedly the Play Room You can demand from us Kindergarten play room materials for your play rooms that you will set up in-house. 


Requirements For Setting Up A Play Room

The most important criterion for setting up a play room is the size of the room you will set up. You can reach optimum choices with a room design that is not too cramped and does not look empty. Play room materials vary according to the activities and trainings you will do. Choosing the place that receives the most light in your institution for the selection of the play room you will set up will be of great benefit to you. The ceiling height of the sections in the building that will be used by children should be at least 2.70 m. The size of the game room is a minimum of 1.5 m2 per child, which is of great importance in order not to be exposed to a crowded image in the room. 


Play Room Material Selection

kindergarten playroom materials When you apply to us for the selection, we are happy to serve our valuable customers with our wide concepts and options. Many different types of hardware and toys are produced by us for game room designs. The game room materials you will choose are Table, Chair, Toy cabinets, Puppet corners, brain and Intelligence games section, etc. The elements related to the space equipment should not be placed in a fixed position. It should be in a feature that will enable children to play in various groups and sometimes alone, and to play games when they cannot go out in the rainy weather. Likewise, materials such as dollhouses, seesaws, parks, swings, basketball hoops, and football goals will be needed that will allow children to play outside in suitable weather conditions.

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If you are looking for products and support about pre-school education equipments, you can apply to our company. We supply and install all detailed products about preschool education tools within our company. For detailed information, you can contact Yelken Preschool Education Tools. You can find some images of the play rooms we have recently set up below